Jacob’s Senior Photos (Priest River Photographer)

Jacob is a senior wrestler for Priest River High School.  Thankfully on this overcast day we stayed dry and the clouds added some great drama to the sky for some of our shots.


Mark’s Senior Photos (Priest River Photographer)

Mark was not super excited about getting his photo taken, but I think in the end he could say he had a lot more fun than he anticipated!


Rained out Family Portraits (Sandpoint Photographer)

This last week I had a portrait session scheduled with a family that was gathering in Sandpoint for the weekend.  There was only 1 day that everyone would be together and available and the plan was to get some outdoor portraits with Lake Pend Orielle as the backdrop.  The day rolled around and of course it was raining, eliminating the possibility of outdoor portraits.  Since this was the only day that the entire family would be together it was decided that we would adapt rather than cancel and we set up for some indoor portraits in the house that they had rented for the weekend.

The one room that we could work with was tall, narrow and fairly dark.  You can see the room we were working with in this early test shot:

To give the room some depth and make the photo more interesting we added three more flashes to the setup with two strobes behind the chimney upstairs and one behind the chimney downstairs.  Here is the final image with the entire family, I think those extra lights made a pretty significant difference!

After getting the hardest photo out of the way we moved on to some smaller groupings, here are some of the portraits as well as some of the happenings between portraits!

To wrap up the afternoon we even took a few engagement photos!


Sammy’s Senior Photos (Priest River Photographer)

When Sammy and I got together to do her senior photos I ended up taking 2-3 times as many photos as I usually do.  Not because I was having a hard time getting good shots but because she was so much fun and she was constantly making the goofiest facial expressions which I eagerly wanted to capture!

 We will get to the goofy faces, but let’s start with intensely serious . . . .

We had a spectacular sky and sunset for the conclusion of our session, check it out!

Alright, now on to a little bit of goofing around.

Lastly, a photo of someone other than Sammy.  As I was taking her photo a tourist from Canada saw us working and he wanted a piece of the photographic action, he pulled out his camera and took a few shots himself.  I was also quick on the draw and snagged this shot of him before he continued his journey back north.



Tim & Todd’s Senior Photos (Sandpoint Photographer)

I have known Todd since he was a freshman when I was his Shot Put and Discus coach, due to the increasing demands of business I am no longer his coach but I still get to see both him and his brother Tim often through my camera viewfinder.  In the fall they played next to each other on the offensive line for Sandpoint and in the spring Tim spends his time on the baseball diamond and Todd will be back to throwing heavy objects as far as he can!


Cowell Family (Bonners Ferry Photographer)

A while back I held a contest on my facebook page and wen the winners were drawn the cowell family was selected and chose to use their winnings for a family portrait session.  I have to say this was about the easiest group of 9 kids and 2 adults I have had the pleasure to work with!

Play Time! 

After the portraits were done we set up a couple of lights in a shaded area and just let the kids play, it did not take too long to fill up a card with fun, unplanned shots.  Here are some of the family’s favorites from play time!

Family Portraits At Talus Rock

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing a very fun family at beautiful Talus Rock in Sandpoint.  Check out some of the photos below and if you want more information about Talus Rock you can visit their website here:

Paul’s Senior Photos (Rathdrum Photographer)

Paul is a senior soccer player from Lakeland High School, we captured some fun images at a number of different locations in Rathdrum and then finished up our time at the High School to take some sports themed photos.

This next photo is one of my favorites from the entire senior photo season, we set up this shot to look like it was taken after dark and then I turned the stadium lights on in Photoshop.

Michael’s Senior Photos (Sandpoint Photographer)

Michael has quite the smile and he used it liberally during our senior session!  Here are some of the finished images from our session!

Jim’s Senior Photos (Priest River Photographer)

The first time I photographed Jim was at a basketball game in Coeur d’Alene back in 2010.  The defending state champion Priest River Spartans looking for strong competition were playing the Coeur d’Alene Vikings and during a stop in play I was taking photos of the Priest River fans from across the gym.  One of the fans noticed I was taking photos, stood up and pointed at me, I took this photo.

The reason I remember this is the fact that it started something that continued through the rest of the season, at every game I would look for Jim and he would look for me so we could get yet another photo of him doing the “The Point”.  We tried to mix it up every now and then and get a variety of “Point” shots.

Now a couple of years later I have had the privilege of taking Jim’s senior photos as well as some photos with his sisters, yes we had to sneak in a pointing shot.

Alright, enough pointing fingers let’s get on with some senior photos!

Right around sunset we were at a perfect spot and the sky was amazing.  The next shots were all taken at the same spot only minutes apart, we simply turned different directions and were able to get very different looks.